Do Orcas Hunt Nice White Sharks? Right here’s the Reply to These Viral Social Media Movies

You shouldn’t belief every part you see on social media. Loads of misinformation exists in a world the place clicks and reshares assist construct manufacturers. One widespread video reveals a killer whale searching one of many deadliest hunters within the ocean. So, do orcas hunt nice white sharks? 

In brief, sure.

Try a current share on social media:

On this video, it’s laborious to see the prey, and a few query if it’s a shark. Nevertheless, there are higher movies on the market that present the state of affairs extra clearly.

Watch this aerial footage capturing orcas within the act:

The video reveals a number of incidents of nice whites encountering orcas and the way it often ends poorly for the sharks.

The footage helped researchers higher perceive the 2 apex predators. In 2022, a research paper used this video to share extra concerning the two species. Earlier than this documentation, there have been solely three recorded incidents of orcas searching white sharks that researchers cited.

From the drone video, scientists say that not solely do orcas hunt white sharks as a chance for meals, however additionally they use a deliberate assault to kill the nice white. Very similar to when orcas go after a seal, the orcas come from beneath and push the shark to the floor. Later, when researchers checked the scene, they discovered no stays of the sharks.

Orcas Looking Nice White Sharks

Regardless of each animals being a number of the strongest within the ocean, the intelligence degree of orcas proved to be no match for the sharks. 

It doesn’t finish there. Male orcas can develop to be 27 ft lengthy and weigh over 13,000 kilos. With white sharks, the feminine is commonly bigger and, on common, will get to about 15 to 16 ft. Orcas even have a means stronger chew pressure than nice whites. Not like white sharks that do often assault people, there are virtually no documented incidents within the wild with orcas

So, it’s not a lot competitors when orcas hunt nice white sharks. 

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